My Experience with BMC ARS Remedy

During my career, I was very lucky to be part of a hugely succesful Remedy application. It is a world wide customer service application, built from the ground to support the customer service organization of a big corporation (some rough numbers from 2012: 40000 registered users, 2200 concurrent users, 100.000 tickets per year, many interfaces to internal and external parties, 7x24 hour operation…)

Together with my team of dedicated Remedy developers we accomplished a couple of tasks that I’m proud of, and that I would like to describe here in some detail.

The following is a list of topics that I would like to cover in due time…

  • how we took over a crippled and unstable application and made it stable again
  • how we introduced features to support a professional operations mode
  • how we slowly re-architected the whole application
  • how we introduced a common methodology for requirements engineering, detailed design, implementation and test documentation
  • how we introduced a testing framework for unit tests, performance tests and load tests, establishing a kind of continuous integration
  • how we introduced a devops approach to manage our infrastructure
  • introduction of pyars (why and how, and how we reduced the zoo of languages)
  • changing a program from c to python to demonstrate the power of this language

Stay tuned….